the Merlin Metalworks - Arctos Machine Works - ONE-OFF Titanium private museum

- the site is about Merlin Metalworks, Arctos Machine Works & ONE-OFF Titanium from the ara 1985-1997. you can find some info about merlin. the main topic are the indexes of some models from merlin. as  earlier mountain (under sn 500), newsboys and others. do you have such one? please contact me if you would like to share it.

- second topic is the personal merlin & related (Arctos Machine Works, ONE-OFF Titanium, Ibis, Fat City Cycles etc.) titanium collection. including frames, forks, stems, bars etc.

- contact: newsboymerlin at

NOTICE: This is not an official Merlin Metalworks page. The material you are attempting to access is not officially licensed or sponsored by Merlin. The Merlin official homepage is located at